Map of FREE PARKING locations for Cobourg Highland Games

The above map shows where we have 4 FREE parking lots, with a Shuttle bus service to Victoria Park, north/west gate.

You can also park for FREE at Donegan Park, which is within walking distance of Victoria Park.

The Shuttle bus is $5.00 per adult return fare.  Children ride free.

You will be issued a ticket by one of our volunteers, which you must keep for the return journey after the Games, or whenever you want to leave.

The Shuttle bus will start operations at 7.30am and run till 7.30pm

There will be signs posted showing you where to line up to board the bus.

The bus will hold 44 passengers, and depending on the load, may not stop at the other locations if full, but after dropping the passengers at the Park, the bus will head to the pick up points that were missed, before starting the round trip again.

It is impossible to post a schedule, but there could be a delay of about half an hour, or more, before the bus gets to you.

The Shuttle bus route will start at the Carpool lot at the 401 exit at Burnham Rd, then along the 401 to Division St. Carpool lot.

From there it will head down to the Cobourg Community Centre, then down to Victoria Park to discharge the passengers.

The Shuttle bus will then head along King St. east to the CCI Collegiate School.

From the school it will go back to Victoria Park, discharge the passengers, and head back to Carpool lot at 401 & Burnham Rd. to repeat the above.