Pop-Up Patio & Ceilidhs
A Fund raising event to support the Cobourg Highland Games, and help our struggling local musicians, get back to what they love doing best, performing.
Starting on July 22nd, we will be opening Pop-Up Patios on the concrete pad, next to the Canteen, down by the beach, in Victoria Park.
These events will run from the Thursday till the Sunday.
We will be open from 11am till around 10 pm each day.
Duffer's Chip Truck will be there, serving both inside and outside the Patio. Ice cream will also be available from the truck.
The Patio will be licensed and we will be selling Beer and Coolers only.
Due to COVID rules only 100 people (including our staff) will be allowed inside the fenced area at any one time.
We will also be running the Patios on August 12th till 15th and Sept.9th till 12th
On the Friday and Saturday nights, from 7 pm we will have live Celtic music, supplied by local talent.
We may add acts at other times. 

Our opening act, on Thursday, July 22nd, will be none other than our good friend, Chris Devlin, a longtime supporter of the Cobourg Highland Games.
Stay tuned for more details.

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To see what is happening each day, please click the link below

To help us support local talented artists like Chris, we will have to charge a $5.00 admission fee during performances.

We have crushed the numbers, and due to the maximum number of people allowed into the patio, 100 at a time, including staff and performers, the only way we can raise some funds is to apply this fee.

Please remember that we have to pay licensing fees to both Cobourg and the LCBO, as well as paying the performers, and over night security. Your fee will also support our local Search and Rescue organization, OCEAP, who will be our daytime security and bar staff.

When there is no performance, admission will be free.

Due to the small number of people allowed into the patio (100, including staff and performers), we strongly recommend that you pre-book your tickets for the Ceilidh or any other shows that we will be putting on. 

Please fill in the required information below when purchasing tickets. We will then email you a coded ticket, that you can either print, or use on your smart phone to gain admission. All tickets will be scanned upon entry. Please do not duplicate, as our system will deny admission to duplicate tickets. Sorry, no refunds supplied, unless event cancelled due to Covid rules. Make sure you enter the correct date for the day you wish to attend, as you will not be admitted if you post the wrong date.

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To save admin fees, using credit cards, you can also pay using E-transfer

Please e-mail money transfers to ;   cobourggamesconcessions@gmail.com

To purchase tickets with PayPal, please use the links below 

A small service fee (25 cents) will be added to the price of each ticket purchased by PayPal 

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To purchase tickets with Credit Card, please use the links below 

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