Our Friday night Ceilidh opens at 7.00 pm with following local acts :
Matt Marcuz

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Here is a little clip from one of his videos. Enjoy.

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The featured bands may change, depending on their schedule

Hailing from the misty Highlands of Port Hope, Matt Marcuz, is a daughter rearing, construction working, sword fighting, guitar shredding, Shanty singing Hero. His high energy renditions of traditional and not so traditional Celtic music favorites are guaranteed to get the party going.  (Bio by Chris Devlin)

Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drums

Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drums will also lead off our Opening Ceremonies at the Games on Saturday

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The Busker Brothers

Steve Shortt & Jamie Hunt

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Jamie Hunt     Steve Shortt

Our Saturday night Ceilidh opens at 6.30 pm with following acts 

Ugly Horse

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Here is a little clip from one of their videos. Enjoy.

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The Ugly Horse have been  performing their unique take on Celtic, East Coast and Folk music for over 6 years. Inspired by many of the great Celtic groups like The Dubliners, The Pogues and Stan Rogers, from their humble beginnings, performing at local pubs and parties elevating to festivals, and larger stages and events. they have always shown a fun and heartfelt expression of their love of Celtic music. 

With Jessica Welsh, Darrel Warnik,  and Stuart Strickland’s stage show you're always guaranteed a fun, uplifting, dancing good time for the whole family.

Erin's Marlore

Here is a little clip from one of their videos. Enjoy.

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Erin’s Marlore is an all female trio hailing from southern Ontario, Canada. The group consists of three multi-instrumentalists and vocalists. They combine traditional Irish/Canadian and Scottish repertoire with their own style and interpretations. The girls bring an energy and excitement to their arrangements and have been traveling Ontario playing festivals, events and pubs for over 6 years. 

Old Man Flanagan's Ghost

Here is a little clip from one of their videos. Enjoy.


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Since January 2012, Old Man Flanagan's Ghost have been bringing a taste of Celtic music to Ontario audiences for years, as well as internationally via radio and digital media play. Inspired by bands such as Great Big Sea, The Pogues and The Dubliners, they are an energetic folk band exciting to both watch and listen to. 

Imagine the smell of the sea, cold pints of beer, old shipwrecks, stories of love and loss, and boisterous friends sharing a laugh and a song. Now mix it with an instrumentation that takes you on a journey east, and a feeling of being welcomed into your neighbour’s home for a kitchen party, THAT is the essence of Old Man Flanagan’s Ghost.