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Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer you seek is not here, please e-mail :

Do you allow on site camping?

No. The Town of Cobourg does not allow any form of camping in Victoria Park. There is a campsite situated right next to Victoria Park. This site fills up fast, especially for the Highland Games. You can contact the campsite here  The campsite is now sold out, but check to see if there has been a cancellation.

How much does it cost, and do you have discounts?

Please click here for complete information

Where do I park and is it free?

There is no free parking adjacent to the park, the side streets, east of the Park now cost up tp $40.00 per day to park.

We hope to, once again, have the use of Donegan Park for free parking

Please click here for more information

Do you have Handicap accessibility?

Please click here for more handicap parking information

We do not have on-site wheel-chairs, canes or any other personal needs, so please bring your own 

Only single use wheel-chairs or handicap scooters allowed, but, sorry, no bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, etc.

What Accommodation is available?

Is there an ATM available?

There will be 2 ATMs beside the Bandshell, and the Beer Tent.

Can I leave and re-enter the park later?

If you wish to leave, and return later, you can have your hand stamped, and show the gates people your ticket stub when you return. This stub also allows you free access to the Saturday night Ceilidh.

What are we allowed to bring with us?

Lawn chairs, umbrellas, parasols

Dogs on a short leash.  Poop and scoop by-laws must be obeyed. Dogs are not allowed on beach or in water

What is not allowed in the park

Smoking & Vaping

Outside Alcohol

Alcohol must be consumed in designated area

Outside food and drink

Coolers and baskets. The exception to this will be families with infants. Coolers and baskets will be subject to search by our security/gate personnel.

Bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, hoverboards

Peddling or soliciting


Anyone caught with any of the above items, may be asked to leave the park, without a refund.

Is the park shaded?

The park has lots of mature shade trees

Are there restrooms?

There are restrooms outside of the park, at the beach pavilion. You will have to get your hand stamped to re-enter the park

We will have plenty of portable toilets available, all around the park

What is there for my kids to do?

Our Wee Highlanders play area will be up and running this year. There are lots of other things to see and do around the Park

What if the weather is bad?

The Games go on, rain or shine.

Sorry, no refunds if you want to leave due to the weather

Help, my kid is missing

Contact one of our security people, wearing OCEAP Search & Rescue uniforms, or a Police Officer who may be in the park

OCEAP will have a First Aid post and Command Centre near the Lions Pavilion & Beer Tent

Someone is hurt/taken ill, what do I do?

We do have First Aid at the park. Contact the OCEAP Search & Rescue personnel or Police. If in doubt call 911

I would like to be a volunteer 

We would love to have you volunteer. For further information, please click here

I would like to make a Donation to the Games

Donations have helped us keep the Games going for the past 57 years, and are much appreciated

Please click here to donate

I would like to be a Sponsor of the Games

We would really appreciate having you as a Sponsor.

For further information, please click here.

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