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Concessions              Alistair Beattie                                     

Highland Dancing      Loren Macklin                                      

Heavy Events             Austin Sztajdocher          289-251-4585

Pipe Bands & Solos    Mark Diminie                                      

Clans                       Terry Myles                     289-677-8507



Due to some of our members getting "phishing" emails, we now ask you to contact us by email at: 

We will pass the message on to the person required.

Mailing Address

Cobourg Highland Games Society
P.O. Box 424
Cobourg, ON
K9A 4L1

Executive Committee Members

George Cackette : President,  Refreshment Tent, Webpage, Facebook

Edgar Carmen : Vice President

Pauline Davidson : Treasurer, Facebook

Margaret McPhillips : Secretary, Program & Advertising

Austin Sztajdocher : Heavies, Director

Mark Diminie : Pipe Bands and PPBSO, Director

Committee Members

Alistair Beattie : Concessions, Gates and Parking

Daryn Bolland : Announcer

Barb Elsom : Raffle Tickets

Jeannie Faris : Wee Highlanders

Dave Harper : Grounds & Equipment

Loren Macklin : Highland Dancing

Kathleen Mann-Harper : Highland Dancing

Terry Myles : Clans

If you would like to be a volunteer and help us keep the tradition of the Cobourg Highland Games alive and thriving, please see our Volunteer page and email:  We need and appreciate volunteers, please come out and help.

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