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New Rules re Clans 

Dear Clans,

Unfortunately we have to apply some new rules and regulations, with regard to your participation at our Games.

The Town of Cobourg wants all vehicles banned from the park, except for those essential to the Event Organizer, and such vendors that need their vehicles there. 

This is also a safety issue, as a member of the public was hit by a vehicle leaving the park early, a couple of years ago. Fortunately, no damage was done, and the person was unhurt.

This is why we ask that all participants at our Games do not leave until after the Closing Ceremonies.

Anyone who wants to park their vehicle in Victoria Park must have a minimum of $2 million, 3rd party, liability insurance, naming both the Town of Cobourg and the Cobourg Highland Games, as co-insured.

We can offer you free reserved parking on Queen Street, (which is the street right behind where your tents are set up), but you should reserve well before the Games. These spots are taken up quickly, by our volunteers and vendors. 

To make things easier for you, you can bring your vehicle into the park, unload it, then take it back out of the park.  This must all be done before the gates open at 8.00 am. No vehicles will be allowed to enter the park after 8.00 am. You will be allowed to bring your vehicle back in after the Closing Ceremonies. We will have Cadets on hand to help you.

If you wish to leave before the Closing Ceremonies, you will have to carry your equipment to your vehicle, but again we will have Cadets there to help you. 

Cadets will be on hand to help you whenever you need them.

We will also help you leave after the Closing Ceremonies.

Another point raised, is the selling of goods. Some of our regular vendors have also complained that they have to pay us a fee, and have insurance, to sell their wares, and the Clans sell T-Shirts etc., without having any of these costs.

We have had another look at this problem, and what the Clans could do, is have their Clan items available to the public for a donation (the price of the item). If a paying vendor is selling T-shirts or similar items to a Clan, then in fairness to the vendor, we must ask the Clan to not donate (sell) that item 

We are sorry that we have had to take these steps, but several times Clans have left early, even moving our fence at times, to get out early. If a Clan member leaving early, had happened to hit someone, we would have been sued, since the Clans are not insured at our Games.

Our policy is that any participant at our Games, stay until after the Closing Ceremonies.


George Cackette


Cobourg Highland Games Society.

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