2020 Stones of Strength

The Cobourg Highland Games Society proudly held the IHGF Stones of Strength Canadian Championship today, December 12, 2020 at Trenton, Ontario. 

Thanks to Austin Sztajdocher for organizing this event.

Check out the photos below, and on our Facebook page.

Here are the results of the Competition

James Cavanaugh

James Cash

90# stone throw

1st John Cavanaugh 13'8"

2nd James Cash 12'10.5"

3rd Mike Brown 12'

4th Josh Turner 11'3.5"


200# stone press

1st John Cavanaugh 1rep

2nd James Cash no rep

        Mike Brown no rep

        Josh Turner no rep


Dinnie Stones 280# & 300#

1st Josh Turner 16'2.5"

2nd John Cavanaugh 10'6"

3rd James Cash 9'

4th Mike Brown 6 inches


Atlas Stones to shoulder 200/246/275/320/365

1st John Cavanaugh 2 Stones 31.09

2nd Mike Brown 2 Stones 48.26

3rd Josh Turner 1 stone 6.74 sec

4th James Cash 1 stone 8.44 sec


1st John Cavanaugh 15 pts

2nd Josh Turner 9 pts

3rd James Cash 8 pts

        Mike Brown 8 pts

Josh Turner

Mike Brown

Stones of Strength Video, Part 1

Stones of Strength Video, Part 2

2020 Cobourg Highland Games Society