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Shakespeare Street Theatre

Shakespeare Street Theatre is a theatre group dedicated to performing the works of William Shakespeare.

Located amongst the artistic community of Northumberland County, Ontario, the group presents plays during the summer festival season and sonnet readings and plays during the Winter.

Taking traditional Shakespearean street theatre to the people can be a daunting task, but Shakespeare Street Theatre embraces the opportunity to give performer, both young and adult, the chance to experience the joys of participating in a traditional street theatre production, that might otherwise not be so easily accessible.

Started in 2009 by founder Paula Worley, Shakespeare Street theatre is made possible by the wonderful volunteer performers that contribute their time and skills to creating traditional Shakespearean style street theatre.

Originally from England, Paula studied theatre and performing arts, graduating to a continuous career in theatre and drama teaching. With a penchant for the Bard's work, Paula has been a dedicated follower of Shakespeare from a young age, when first cast in Twelfth Night in the cross dressing role of Sebastian. Since those days of high school, Paula has set about over the subsequent years encouraging people of all ages to enjoy and perform the plays in an enjoyable way. Bringing her own unique style to her productions, and her skills as an artist to her scenery, masks and costumes, Shakespeare Street Theatre has gradually grown with popularity.